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Cyber insurance is one of the most upcoming all-important insurance covers for Australian businesses, regardless of size. Digital technology has changed the way most companies do business, cyber-attacks and other issues are now some of the most common threats and risks faced by organisations.

Cyber criminals are able to exploit vulnerabilities of your systems and networks to gain unauthorised access to your data, download malware or to attack a computer or website causing it to stop operating.

For your business, this can mean the loss of data, systems and website downtime - which could cost thousands of dollars to rebuild. Including a loss of income associated.

  • Data breach/privacy
  • Multimedia liability cover
  • Extortion liability cover
  • Network security liability

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Why use an insurance broker?

To give you the right advice

Given the continually changing nature of insurance with its technical and legal ramifications, it is impossible to accurately evaluate competitive policies on the basis of price alone. To make the right choice, you need expert advice.

To keep your policies up-to-date

Through constant communication and ongoing training, we are kept up to date with all federal and state legislation and changes in the insurance industry. We review your needs regularly and advise you on how to reduce risks and save money.

Lodge any claims on your behalf

The broker is trained to understand such documents and advise on any queries you might have. In the event of a claim, your insurance broker will help you negotiate with insurers or assessors to obtain a prompt and fair settlement.